We are building a Museum of Youth Culture for the UK.

The Museum of Youth Culture is a emerging museum working to celebrate youth and subculture history from the 1950’s to the present day. Working with an archive of over 100,000+ photographs, flyers and other ephemera, the Museum tells the incredible rich history of young people over the past 80 years.

At the heart of the work we are doing is the young people whose stories we are looking to preserve and represent, and future generations that we hope to inspire. Using the incredible stories of youth culture from the past, we work with young people today through education, workshops and mentoring to create a lasting legacy. We believe in the power of youth culture heritage as a catalyst for inspiring future generation’s self- expression and creativity.

With our online Museum of Youth Culture launched, we are working towards opening our first physical space in 2020, with a permanent museum space by 2023. We believe that Great Britain’s contribution to culture and creativity deserves permanent recognition on a worldwide scale. Representing the changing needs and demands of a modern Museum, this permanent home will provide a legacy for youth culture in its very birthplace. Celebrating the past and inspiring future generations.


The Online Museum of Youth Culture launches fully in September 2019, with an interactive timeline, oral histories and education resources.


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